24 July 2009

Data Modeler: Getting Started - You don't need a database!

If you are new to the latest tool from the SQL Developer team, then a short live demo might be just the thing you need. The great thing about the Data Modeler is that once you have downloaded and unzipped the product, you can just get going. No need for a database or a connection, just unzip and click the datamodeler.exe to start the product.

Now once the product is started, there is no need to create a project, you can start drawing. Click the tool bar button to create a table and you're off and creating.

Watch this 5 minute online demo to see a few extra tidbits of detail, such as controlling the naming of primary and foreign keys and a brief look at interacting with Design rules.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ..

Byte64 said...

Hi Sue,
I see that you are preparing a book titled SQL Developer 2.1, due for release in October 2009.
As we are now working with 1.5.5, is the title suggesting that a new major release of SQL Developer is just around the corner?

Thank you!

Sue said...

Dates are pretty impossible things to talk about when it comes to software and the date for the book is as difficult as the product.But yes, the book has a target date for the end of October.