15 July 2009

A Piece of SQL Developer News: 1.5.5

We released SQL Developer 1.5.5 on OTN yesterday.

You may be wondering why we have had so many minor releases of SQL Developer. The main release with all the new functionality is SQL Developer 1.5 and we published a list of the new functionality that went into 1.5. Following a main release we've typically had a significant patch release, which in this case was 1.5.1. The next three releases were minor and while they have each had a number of additional bug fixes, each had a specific role.

1.5.3 - our first Japanese translation
1.5.4 - we added the rest of the languages we'll be supporting Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Korean
1.5.5 - this is the release that is scheduled for 11gR2 and is also on the media pack with the new Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.

...and each pulled in a few issues that had raised their heads on the forum, along with few others. Methinks it pays to be involved and active on the forum.

The Data Modeler is drawing lots of interest, which is great news. We've just published a Pricing FAQ on OTN as there has been some confusion on that.

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