18 September 2006

Count and Filters...

I'm still testing and working with SQL Developer 1.1, so have neglected this blog for a while. I am sure you're out and about doing the last of summer things, assuming you live north of the equator, or looking forward to spring, if you're down south! Either way, I doubt you'll have missed this too much.

I'm working through my morning tasks and today, that includes reviewing my bugs that have been closed. Here's one I've just looked at.

Users on the forum were frustrated that when you apply a filter to your data, in SQL Developer 1.0 and then tried to Count the records, the response was a count of all the records. So apart from writing the SQL, the request was to know how many records are returned, with a filter applied. Here you go, a simple context menu option:

05 September 2006

Quick Sneak Peak...Setting NLS parameters

How quickly a week passes and I've not written up any news. It seems there is no time for blogging... (that, or there is no news)

Anyway, I'm working through a new drop of SQL Developer and thought I'd mention this set of preferences very briefly. The preference category is NLS Parameters and the screen shot says it all.

In case it doesn't, there have been a number of queries about the date format and being able display the time portion in a date field. Other users have configured the .cfg file to add in other NLS settings. Now you'll be able to handle these from the preferences window, using the NLS Parameter settings.