29 June 2007

Multiple Table Quick Export in SQL Developer 1.2

There are a number of ways to export DDL scripts in SQL Developer. Two approaches have been in the product since its inception. The first approach is to select the SQL tab when you invoke the definition tabs for any object in SQL Developer. The second approach is to invoke the Export DDL dialog, using the Tools menu. This dialog allows you to select and filter different object types. You can also filter the data exported, should you choose.

New to SQL Developer 1.2 is a multi-select quick export DDL option:
  • Expand any object node in the Navigator, e.g. Tables
  • [ctrl] select the objects you want to export
  • Right-click to invoke the context menu
  • Select the option of choice:
    - Save to File
    - Save to Clipboard
    - Save to Worksheet
The syntax format of the DDL created is driven by the parameters set in the Preferences dialog. (Database -> ObjectViewer Parameters)

28 June 2007

Magnification and General Font Size in SQL Developer

As a speaker at conferences, it is important that customers can see what I am demonstrating, no matter the size of the room, or how far back they sit. When I was working in the JDeveloper team, I used to change the font settings in JDeveloper so that the text would be clearly visible. For some time now, I have been using a Magnifying Glass instead of changing the font. Mostly becuase of the loss of real estate when making all the fonts much bigger. The magnifier I like is one I got from Source Forge - http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/

Using a magnifier is great for what I need, when speaking and doing demos, because I can show the audience just what I want them to see. It's no good if you need the font on your IDE to be a little bigger while you are working. Also real estate is typically less of problem when working at home or in the office, as most of us are not limited to the small screen of a laptop.

Changing the font size in SQL Developer is an enhancement that a few have asked for. In JDeveloper we just changed the setting in the ide.properties file. As we don't have the property in our ide.properties file, it didn't seem to be something we could control. While working on something quite different today, I came across the ide.properties file in SQL Developer again, and while the font property is not there, it occurred to me that by adding it, it might override the default. It does!

Increasing the Font Size in SQL Developer
  • Locate the ide.properties file in your installation in the following folder:
    {your SQL Developer install directory}\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\system\oracle.sqldeveloper.
    - you'll see I am using SQL Developer 1.2
  • Add the line Ide.FontSize=14 or what ever size suits you. The default for the IDE is 11
  • Restart SQL Developer
The Code Editors are not affected by this. To update those, you need to change the settings once you have restarted SQL Developer. Select the menu Tools -> Preferences... Expand the Code Editor node and select Fonts to update those. This property affects the SQL Worksheet, along with the Execute script (F5 ) output, and the PL/SQL Editors. My initial review seems to show reasonable dialogs throughout, with the exception of some of the new Migration Workbench dialogs.

Have fun!

13 June 2007

Conferences: ODTUG Kaleidoscope and Oracle Develop...

Someone reminded me, yesterday, that I fly to the States this weekend. It's been a while since I've been at a conference, and I hadn't really forgotten, it just that it's suddenly there! Maybe that's happened to you. You know there are a few events on and you've been meaning to sort things out to go to one, but suddenly it's June and you've done nothing about it yet. There is still time. There is an event in the States and a few in Europe.

Next week is Daytona, Florida. It's the ODTUG big annual event and I have been going for years, through various guises, a good many of them as Designer PM and then as the PM for MDA, more specifically database modeling and all things database in JDeveloper and now as PM for SQL Developer. There is a common thread there if you know the tools.

So I have a couple of papers at the event , but also love to hear what others, from around the world, are doing too. and of course catch up. Often at these events, it's an opportunity of putting a face to a name from a forum or new group. If you live in the area, or haven't finally decided, take a look at what's on. http://odtugkaleidoscope.com/
I know that this year the conference is attracting lots of great speakers, and they have pulled in a bigger crowd - that just means more networking. Perhaps I'll see you there.

When I get back, Oracle Develop is on in London. (Next week Develop is on Prague and Munich) This is a two day event, with hands on, parallel streams and words and news about current and new products. Unlike ODTUG, which is a users group with lots of talks from users, Oracle Develop is an Oracle event, where we bring you news about what current in the company. Take a look here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/events/develop2007/index.html

This is the place to come and learn and ask Oracle questions. The event has already been a great success in Asia.

Try to get to one of these, specially if they're just down the road from you.


12 June 2007

More details from other team members..

I said I'd add in the detail about the Export DDL and just how it's done, and I will... I do just want to point out that Kris and Donal have written up more specific details about the 2 main aspects of SQL Developer 1.2. So, if you've not already seen them:

Kris and the APEX updates: SQL Developer 1.2 will support the upcoming Oracle APEX release.

Donal and the New Migration Workbench: Donal walks through the top new features and what you can expect from the new integrated Migration Workbench.


11 June 2007

Oracle SQL Developer 1.2 is Production

You may have forgotten me as it's been sometime since I last updated this site. The reasons are multiple and not important here, but I do want to tell you that Oracle SQL Developer 1.2 has landed!

What, you might ask, is SQL Developer 1.2 and how is it different from 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 for that matter? In our world of numbers, each point in the release number is a point of significance! So 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 are patch releases to the 1.1 production release. This means that 1.2 is more than a patch release and indeed it is. SQL Developer 1.2 is the first release that we're shipping with the new, rewritten Migration Workbench. So, as a feature of SQL Developer, you'll find details about it on the SQL Developer homepages on OTN.

The Migration Workbench team work on a number of migration related products and utilities and so they have a separate Migration Technology Center on OTN. There you'll see the work they have done on migrating Microsoft Access applications to Oracle APEX - but that's another story. The Migration Technology Center links to a section focused on the new Migration Workbench. The documents include Getting Started, a data sheet and a bunch of viewlets, in bite size chunks, covering all aspects of Migrating from MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access to Oracle.

While we're talking updates, the SQL Developer pages themselves have had a bit of a revamp, with a number of new or updated articles. Take a look.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the new export options available...