29 June 2007

Multiple Table Quick Export in SQL Developer 1.2

There are a number of ways to export DDL scripts in SQL Developer. Two approaches have been in the product since its inception. The first approach is to select the SQL tab when you invoke the definition tabs for any object in SQL Developer. The second approach is to invoke the Export DDL dialog, using the Tools menu. This dialog allows you to select and filter different object types. You can also filter the data exported, should you choose.

New to SQL Developer 1.2 is a multi-select quick export DDL option:
  • Expand any object node in the Navigator, e.g. Tables
  • [ctrl] select the objects you want to export
  • Right-click to invoke the context menu
  • Select the option of choice:
    - Save to File
    - Save to Clipboard
    - Save to Worksheet
The syntax format of the DDL created is driven by the parameters set in the Preferences dialog. (Database -> ObjectViewer Parameters)


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to control the ordering of the tables in the DDL when exporting from SQL Developer?

We have a DDL in version control and it seems that each time we export it, it changes the order, so we can't diff them.

We use the Tools > Export DDL command, turn off Show Schema, turnon Add Force to Views and Include Drop Statement, and defaults for everything else.

Executing the command repeatedly results in files that are not diffable.

Sue said...

Ooh that sounds like a bug. I'll look into that. No there is no way to currently order the tables exported.


Anonymous said...

I am new to SQL Developer, have been using Toad and Aqua Data Studio.

I find SQL Developer taking a long time (around 5 mins) to respond after I click on the Export Data > XLS command. And it will another at least another 5 mins for SQL Developer to save my output to the location I specified. The data in Results is not big, it has only 13 rows with 2 columns.

Any workaround? Can I save results into clipboard?

Thanks for your help.

Sue said...

Hi Anonymous,

There should not be any delay with the Export Data > XLS command, or even finding the file location. You don't mention the version you are using, or the OS you are working on, or even if you are working across something like Tarantella. That dialog also allows you to save to the clipboard. The best thing to do is to ask this question on the OTN forum , where we can enter into more of a dialog.