04 March 2011

Dallas: OTN Developer Days and New Features

Last week I was sitting cross legged on the floor with the children in a slum in Delhi teaching them English and learning a little Hindi, next week I'll be in Dallas, helping folk start up the latest Oracle Virtual Machine packed with new tutorials and software.  The only link between the two might be the fading henna tattoo, which the girls in the slum did on my arm! Maybe more, the children in the slums were enthusiastic and excited to learn and often at these Developer Days we find that too. Too often we don't get the opportunity of sitting down for a day and learning a whole lot of new stuff and an OTN Developer Day is a perfect opportunity for that. 

Take a look at the details, how to register and where it's being held in Dallas.  Kris and I will be there from the SQL Dev and Data Modeler teams, so come and see the new features and learn more!