05 September 2006

Quick Sneak Peak...Setting NLS parameters

How quickly a week passes and I've not written up any news. It seems there is no time for blogging... (that, or there is no news)

Anyway, I'm working through a new drop of SQL Developer and thought I'd mention this set of preferences very briefly. The preference category is NLS Parameters and the screen shot says it all.

In case it doesn't, there have been a number of queries about the date format and being able display the time portion in a date field. Other users have configured the .cfg file to add in other NLS settings. Now you'll be able to handle these from the preferences window, using the NLS Parameter settings.


Anonymous said...

Where can you add the .cfg file so that sql developer will pick up? Also which version will the NLS option be available?

Henri DOURNEAU said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for this information and your work ! It is a great progress if we can fix the session NLS parameter in SQL Developer without use, for example, an "Alter session set NLS_DATE_FORMAT='DD/MM/YYYY';". Sorry, i am
french :-)

I would wish that the NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS can be fixed by default. I know that whe can use a statement
like "Alter session set NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS=', ';", but it is tiring to have a blank ;-)

Many thanks for your post and good continuation


Morten said...

Hi Sue,

I noticed that the desc command displays a VARCHAR2(10 CHAR) field as VARCHAR2(40) when using AL32UTF8 in the database.
SQL*Plus shows VARCHAR2(10 CHAR).
Is this intentional?

Morten Tangaa, Miracle

Sue said...


It's always best to post queries on the SQL Developer Forum. There is a better interaction there. This was an issue on older versions of SQL Developer, you don't mention the release you are on. We have verified the latest release (SQL Developer 2.1.1, released yesterday) and it's fine there.