25 August 2006

A JDeveloper Tip that Might be Handy for SQL Developer

There is a blog that might be a handy one to dip into every so often. The site is DuffBlog. Brian Duff is a developer in the JDeveloper team. He is one of the JDeveloper developers who works closely with the SQL Developer development team. Brian is works on the IDE and framework and so is an important chap for us. Anyway Brian blogs from time to time and if you're a SQL Developer user, there may be a few useful gems for you among his entries.

Take a look at Seriously Customizing JDeveloper. The basic premise in the entry is about how to disable any extension in JDeveloper. The very last paragraph of that blog entry says "As an added bonus, you can also do this in SQL Developer..."

Then he did it again this week...just a little piece of useful information on opening files....

Just thought you might be interested.


Tatiana Lloret said...

Do you have a good tutorial with examples and images of ORacle Reports?

Sue said...


Do you mean Oracle Reports? or writing reports with SQL Developer? These are quite different. I have written a couple of blog entries on reports in SQL Developer: here's one http://sueharper.blogspot.com/2006/08/sql-developer-reports-sneak-peak-2.html
This also mentions a very good article on writing reports in SQL Developer by Lewis Cunnigham. For Oracle Reports queries you need to review OTN and the OTN forum for Reports. Try this link: Oracle Reports (http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/reports/) or even XML Publisher (http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/applications/publishing/index.html)
Both those links will also give you links to their forums for further questions.