21 August 2006

Conferences, conferences, conferences...

Oracle Open World
I know, it's only August, but if you've not booked your hotel for Oracle Open World in San Francisco yet, you're probably not going to get your first choice...That's for the end of October and should be a cracking event. It looks like it'll be bigger than ever and, for a change, there'll be lots of technology sessions on the go. (We have a couple for SQL Developer) Check it out if you're in a quandary about going. What's more, you'll get to meet some of the developers!

OUG Scotland
I'm going to run into a deadline in a few days for my material for the Scottish User Group. That's September, in Glasgow. I have a small workshop running on the first day and a paper on the second. It should be good fun.
I should mention that the UKOUG conference is also going to be a big event this year. It's November, so we have time to book hotels.

Then, this morning my feedreader rolled over Doug Burn's latest blog entry, with loads of details on the Australian User Group and I see there a few top names speaking. What's more I see that Chris Muir is doing a SQL Developer workshop...

So, whether you are on the map to the left of Greenwich, or to the right or in the middle... you should find a conference near you (well more or less).

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