21 July 2009

Extensions to SQL Developer

I'm pleased to say that there are a few folk who are starting to write about their extensions to SQL Developer. I know there are people who are extending - indeed some customers are building quite extensive extensions , but not a lot of folk are telling us about their experiences.

John Flack recently did a talk about his experiences at the ODTUG conference in Monterey Bay and he has now posted his work. He talks about it on the ITToolbox site, and invites you to keep an eye on that as he plans to add more in time. He's posted the paper on his own site here. If you're building extensions to SQL Developer, or thinking about it, I'd encourage you to take a look, as John had some good examples in his talk and you might be able to pick up an extra tip or two. When I do the demo at events, I tend to add extensions for sub partitions or an extra node in the navigator for dimensions or similar. John has added a node for his instance data. This has the useful advantage that he can drill down through the instance data, using the navigator.

1 comment:

JCFlack said...

Thanks for the plug. Just finishing up with my Designer extension, then I'll release it into the wild.