02 July 2009

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is Production

Well,well, well... it's July and in the UK the temperatures have reached the 30's. This might be normal for many of you, but for us, the gardens, the houses and the dogs are not quite used to it. Now for those of you thinking that this has become a biannual weather blog, you might not be far off. Since the last was in January and it was talk of snow...

So the reason for the lack of "blogginess" is multi-fold, some is that I have been working on our new product in addition to SQL Developer and some that I am writing a SQL Developer book. So it's not so much lack of material as lack of hours to write some more...

Now I do have so much to share with you, that I'm really keen to break this silence and get more words to paper (screen). Also there are many lovely little features in SQL Developer 1.5.4 that I find many of you don't know about, when I show them at events, that I should be doing short features more often. Mind you here's a blog on REAL-TIME SQL Monitoring, a feature that I wanted to write about for ages and Doug Burns has done it instead. (Thanks Doug) I've also been sent a list of blog topic suggestions from an attendee at one of the recent events I attended, so there really is no excuse.

Now that new tool: Oracle SQL Data Modeler. It's production! We published all the related material yesterday and hopefully the news won't be overwhelmed by all the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g annoucements happening this week. Still it's all good and all good news.

You can download it from the main OTN site, as it's a featured download there, or you can go to our Data Modeler homepage for links to the download and the FAQ and other supporting technical docs and examples. This page will be updated fairly regularly as we add more bits of collateral. Remember too to use the SQL Developer forum if you have questions, and when I return from my blogging holiday, I'll mix SQL Developer and Data Modeler news and details here.


Doug Burns said...

Ooops, didn't want to steal your material ;-)

Sue said...

Steal away - the more who write the better. I can send suggestions...:-) besides, I only threaten to write more frequently.


Roel said...

Hi Sue,
It is not quite clear though that SQL Modeler is, unlike SQL Dev, not a free tool (list price $3000 per user). I don't have an opinion yet if it's worth the money (compared to Designer or Toad), although it has some cool features!
Cheers and keep up blogging (more) frequently!

Sue said...

Hi Roel,

Yes, it's tricky one. We have followed Oracle and OTN protocol on this. None of the Oracle products on OTN state the cost when they are for cost items. So we just say specifically that SQL Developer is free. For the Data Modeler licensing details, you have to go our eDelivery site and for pricing details, the Oracle Price List.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Pitty about the decision that SQL Modeler should be not free like SQL Developer. i will use for future other products which will do the job for free or with much less than SQL Modeler now costs.

Robert said...

looks good....will definitely try it out.

so what's the origin of this product ? I mean did it originally come from a company that Oracle bought or was it entirely developed in-house from scratch ?

Sue said...

Neither, we bought the software and the ongoing development is in-house.


nash said...

Jdeveloper already has a good DB modeler plus a integrated environment.Its sort of sql developer + modeler + programming environment combined. Any reason to buy a priced modeler tool when JDeveloper is free?

Sue said...

The great thing about this is choice. Yes, indeed JDeveloper is free and provide database modeling. As you say it provides SQL Developer (latest release of JDeveloper includes SQL Developer 1.5.6) and a data modeler and an application development environment. In fact it's the strategic direction for application development in Oracle. But not all developers want all that. Oracle provides other application and database development development tools.A data architect is looking for a tool that focuses on data modeling, not application development. We had requests from our customers for a stand alone modeling tool. So JDeveloper is a solution for some developers and SQL Developer Data Modeler is a solution for others. The Data Modeler provides many more utilities that are specifically related to database modeling and design. It depends on your requirements, as to which tool you'd select.


hoppo said...

now it is free
look here