12 October 2010

SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0 - Early Adopter Release

The news just keeps getting better. At Oracle OpenWorld, we announced that the Data Modeler is now a free product. This was very exciting for us and for the many customers who came to talk to us at the show. I'm really pleased as there is no excuse for not modeling your database, or at the very least to connect to a data dictionary and see how your tables are all connected - visually!

The news that the product is free means more than that to us, it now means that we can run a public early adopter program and so you can go, today, and download SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0 Early Adopter 1. All the features that you used in SQL Developer 2.0 are still there, in addition there are a few new features that I think you'll like. The best bet is to go to the Data Modeler home page and take a look at the online demonstrations available. The first three walk through the new functionality in the product. They're about 12 - 15 mins each and I show the new features and explain as much as I can it he given time. The last two are short viewlets on two aspects of the current functionality. Of course if you know nothing of the product, then just look at the brief online Data Modeler 2.0 demonstration. This is for the current production release, but it'll get you started and the flow of work is the same.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Thank you very much!
Great news for all of us working with Oracle products... Finally Oracle understood that he can win more letting this product free. i am back again to this product after i was disappointed with licence policy.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Now any chance for for some sneak previews of SQLDeveloper 3.0? :)

Sue said...

Patience...patience :)


Gus said...


When can we expect the production release of V3.0 of the Data Modeler? I am keen to use the tool on my current (18-month) project, but the EA release is not an option.


Sue said...

We are unable to provide any product release dates.