14 October 2010

SQL Developer 3.0 Early Adopter is Available

Same week, new post, different product, new early adopter release. It's busy bees in the development teams as everyone works to settle the releases. You may have heard that we demonstrated SQL Developer 3.0 at Open World in September, and many of you felt the release had to be imminent. Well it was, but we did want to add in a few updates following OpenWorld. So now you have a second product on an early adopter release cycle. There are a few demos on OTN and we get more out to in the next few weeks. Watch Kris's blog and mine in the next month or so and we'll also be bringing you new feature news. In the meantime - download the software. Please provide all feedback on the SQL Developer forum (not here) where the developers will be camping out and helping you out.

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