14 October 2010

SQL Developer 3.0 Does Table API

Well, I couldn't wait a day to do another post. Here is a feature you would not have seen at OpenWorld. SQL Developer 3.0 generates a Table API. Now those of you who go far back enough will know other tools that did this and we have had a number of feature requests to add in a table API generator, so here we go, a TAPI!

Why a Table API? Well, some teams would never dream of letting developers insert, update , delete or generally work directly with tables. Many teams want to track who, what, when, where events and having a Table API (I call them "table wrappers") is a start point to add in that kind of code. Here's how you'll find it:


Anonymous said...

This is a very good an close to what I would like to see. An important change would to create a SUBTYPE in the package as follows:


Then reference the subtype in the parameters instead of each individual column. This will greatly reduce the impact of table changes in other code.

NOTE: when returning the subtype as a procedure parameter it should be declared with NOCOPY!

Sue said...


Thanks for the feedback - all product requests should be posted on the SQL Developer Forum on OTN for discussion:



Anonymous said...

Nice, but I was expecting something near to what ORACLE designer generates for TAPI.