07 May 2010

Updating the Database with SQL Developer Data Modeler

This may be one of my most frequently asked questions - "How do I create the "alter" statements to update the database, using SQL Developer Data Modeler?" Most people know how to use the the Data Modeler to generate DDL scripts to create new objects, but not everyone knows how to create the DDL required to update the database. We have created a new online tutorial which walks you through this process. I did mention it recently when I wrote about the new Learning Library, and we have now also added the link to the the Data Modeler page on OTN.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!

Wonderful tip and kudos to the development team for SQL Developer. I just learned this at the OTN Database Developer day in Orange County, California and had a chance to meet your colleague Barry McGillis. Also my Oracle Migration book is now available so please pass the word on.

Ben Prusinski, Oracle ACE and Oracle Author
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Migrating to Oracle, Rampant Tech Press
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Sue said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you were able to get to the Oracle Developer Day. Congratulations on the book.


Anonymous said...

"...we have now also added the link..."

Is it the "Re-engineering your Database using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler" tutorial you are referring to.

Sue said...

Yes it is. I also need to publish the web cast on this topic. That should be available next week from the webcasts page.