18 May 2010

SQL Developer 2.1 Webcast is Published

I started a web cast series a few months ago and am still not sure if this is the right way to spread the news and provide feature demonstrations to the customers. Firstly I'm alternating between SQL Developer and the Data Modeler and so if you're only interested in one area, this is quite a gap. Also there's the whole time zone thing... Where I can only reach half the world in daylight/work hours. Let's see hopw it goes int he next few months.

Anyway, I apologized for the chaos caused when I didn't run up for the event in April, due to longer travel home after the volcanic clouds caught us off guard. Kris ran the event, but not everyone was aware of the dial in changes and so missed the event. I have now recorded and published that session and you can find it on the web casts page on OTN. The session is on SQL Developer 2.1 and the demos cover the new features. It's quite a big file to download, but once done, you can listen/ watch the session at your leisure, with having to worry about Internet latency.

I will not be doing a live web cast on Wednesday 19th as planned. This will be a recorded session and the file will be made available for download from that same web casts page.

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