25 March 2010

Data Modeler Overview and Demo: Webcast Recording

Last week I did the first in the series of the webcast recordings I plan to do over the next few months. As product manager for both the Data Modeler and for SQL Developer, I have proposed alternating the monthly broadcasts between the two products . So I launched the series with the Data Modeler. Having trialed the webcast internally I was happy that the technology would stand up to the rigors of the international broadcast, as luck would have it, I must have done something wrong on the day and did not get the voice recorded. Technology - who'd have it? Actually - I would! After all these years, I still get a kick out of the fact that I can run a webcast, demonstrate a product and answer questions asked from locations all around the world.

Back to the Data Modeler demo and webcast - I reran the webcast this time recording the sound too. We now have a webcasts web site and the first recording is available for download. It might look a little lonely there now, because it is the first in the series, but this should grow.

This webcast introduces the SQL Developer Data Modeler and then I go into a high level demonstration and feature review.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue,

I think that these webcasts are an excelent idea, and I'll definately will keep an eye out for new episodes.

Few things:

1)Would it be possible to add RSS feeds to the "official" oracle site that holds the webcasts?

2)Could you also give indepth demo on on using all unit testing features of SQL Developer?
Specifically I'm interested on what you cannot do with it (yet)

3) Also, I'm very interested on your plans regarding unit testing+refactoring in the future versions of SQL developer.

Thanks for a great product


Sue said...

Thanks for that feedback. I'm getting useful feedback from these initial webcasts and hope to provide an easier way to keep you informed and make the webcasts available to all.(RSS is a good suggestion) Currently these are only available for users on Windows. Our next talk is planned as a SQL Developer Overview, but perhaps we need to bring the Unit Testing talk in sooner. I'll look into that.