02 March 2010

SQL Developer 2.1.1 is Available for Download

We have just released the first patch release for SQL Developer 2.1. SQL Developer patch releases are full downloads and installs - see the release notes - we call them "patch releases" because they exist only to provide fixes to issues. Most of these are found and reported in the early adopter releases and did not make the production release, some were older issues and some found in the production release. A patch release is not a vehicle for introducing new functionality. As ever, not all bugs are addressed with a patch release and so you should look at the list of bugs fixed or the known issues to determined whether you need or want to make the switch.

There are new bits!
While a patch release is not for new functionality, there are quite a few little additions based on feature requests from the Exchange that have been included in the patch. I blogged about the Font setting earlier in the week, to name but one of these. Take a look at the Bugs Fixed list to see a few of the others. Alternative look at the Exchange and search on Fixed in 2.1.1 to see the new features added.

For links to the downloads, bugs fixes and known issue (listed in the release notes), see the OTN pages for SQL Developer.

In my next blog I'll tell you more about the updates on the Exchange. In the meantime, download and try out 2.1.1.


Olivier Dupont said...

Hey Sue,

Kust a quick note on the integration with Oracle Application Express: http://iadviseblog.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/sqldeveloper-and-apex-application-missing/

Kind reagrds,

JAW said...


Keep up the great work on SQLD 2.1.1

Thanks for allowing me to export SQL Server tables again.

However, this is not option to export the result set of a query.