07 November 2006

Oracle SQL Developer 1.1 Evaluation Release is Now Available!

Need I say more? The long awaited evaluation copy of Oracle SQL Developer 1.1 is now available for you to play with. Please send us your comments! I'll give you the links in a mo, please note, this is NOT a Supported release, it is for evaluation purposes only. The team is still working on the code and closing bugs as I write. We'll be doing regular drops for you to evaluate over the next few weeks and will be using a FeedBack Application to track issues and comments.

You will not be supported through Oracle Support or the Forum, only the feedback site. You will not get the evaluation software from the production download site, instead follow the links through the short survey and on to the evaluation release download. (For subsequent downloads you'll be redirected past the survey) When you reach the download page, there are links to a few very useful documents:
  • New Features - This is a list of new features, quite comprehensive, possibly missing a few little features here and there
  • Known Issues - This is a list of bugs already logged, some already fixed in a later build and which you'll pick up in next week evaluation drop.
  • Getting Started - This is really important. If you are using 1.0, there are some files you need to back up if you want to preserve them and go back to SQL Developer 1.0.
But first...download here

No, I can't tell you the production date yet.

Have fun!


Francois said...

Very nice version ;o)

Sue said...

Thank you!

Please don't forget to log requests for future features on the Exchange.