13 June 2007

Conferences: ODTUG Kaleidoscope and Oracle Develop...

Someone reminded me, yesterday, that I fly to the States this weekend. It's been a while since I've been at a conference, and I hadn't really forgotten, it just that it's suddenly there! Maybe that's happened to you. You know there are a few events on and you've been meaning to sort things out to go to one, but suddenly it's June and you've done nothing about it yet. There is still time. There is an event in the States and a few in Europe.

Next week is Daytona, Florida. It's the ODTUG big annual event and I have been going for years, through various guises, a good many of them as Designer PM and then as the PM for MDA, more specifically database modeling and all things database in JDeveloper and now as PM for SQL Developer. There is a common thread there if you know the tools.

So I have a couple of papers at the event , but also love to hear what others, from around the world, are doing too. and of course catch up. Often at these events, it's an opportunity of putting a face to a name from a forum or new group. If you live in the area, or haven't finally decided, take a look at what's on. http://odtugkaleidoscope.com/
I know that this year the conference is attracting lots of great speakers, and they have pulled in a bigger crowd - that just means more networking. Perhaps I'll see you there.

When I get back, Oracle Develop is on in London. (Next week Develop is on Prague and Munich) This is a two day event, with hands on, parallel streams and words and news about current and new products. Unlike ODTUG, which is a users group with lots of talks from users, Oracle Develop is an Oracle event, where we bring you news about what current in the company. Take a look here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/events/develop2007/index.html

This is the place to come and learn and ask Oracle questions. The event has already been a great success in Asia.

Try to get to one of these, specially if they're just down the road from you.



LewisC said...

Hi Sue.

I will be there also. I hope I get to meet you.


Sue said...

Indeed, I saw that. That's good, I think it's about time we met! Kris Rice will be there too.