25 October 2006

Busy, Busy at Open World

It seems everyone linked to Open World is busy, busy. There are the Oracle staff who are on Hands On Session duty up near Union Square in the Hilton, for an hour or two , then back down to the Moscone for a shift on the demo pods and then back to the Hilton to do a presentation. There are a few aching feet around.
Then of course as an attendee, if you want to do some Hands On and then see more on the demogrounds, and then attend a talk, you're also dashing up and down.

Kris Rice, SQL Developer architect, and I had 2 talks at the Hilton yesterday, so we just hung out up there until we were done. Our attendees didn't though, because there was a paper down at the Moscone between ours they wanted to see. There were a few out of breath folk!

I attended Thomas Kurian's keynote, one of the 2 simultaneous keynotes running on Monday. It was jam packed full of information. As an employee and working in the area either previously with the JDeveloper crowd, or now as one of the Database Tools PM, I've heard most of this before, but there was one piece that really "wow'ed" me.
At the end of the talk, they announced the Oracle Developer Depot. It is focused on the Java, SOA developer and is a great concept. So often this new technology is intimidating and all you need is an example to see how something works, and help on getting setup so that you can at least start and some sample code, installed right where you need it, so that you can get started. That is what this site does. Very, very impressive.

Unrelated to the depot, but related to SQL Developer is the Migration Workbench team. They are here at the show and demonstrating how you can migrate your data structures and data from other database to Oracle. It's an extension to SQL Developer. Very nice. Donal Daly heads up that team and he has just started a blog. Take a look at that here: http://donaldaly.blogspot.com/


Vidya Balasubramanian said...

Thanks for the writeup - a lot of useful blog information on Oracle Workflow,BPEL ,JSF/ADF based framework,WebCenter at OOW2K6. I was wondering if much was happening at the EBS side of things......have not seen much about it yet except for XML publisher

Daniel Fink said...

I think you should bring your bicycle along for next year.

Sue said...

For ESB details you should be looking at the JDev and App server team blogs and of course OTN.