10 October 2008

First Early Adopter: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling.

I've just put this announcement onto OTN:

The SQL Developer team is pleased to announce their first Early Adopter release of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling.

  • Review the main data modeling page, with links to initial documentation and supporting collateral.
  • Access the Early Adopter Download. This download link walks you through a brief one-time survey, before you can download the product. For future early adopter releases, you will not be required to repeat the survey.
  • Provide feedback to the the team through the Feedback application, where you can add all your comments and log issues.
  • Read the supporting Release Notes.


Byte64 said...

I'm looking forward to try this out on Monday morning with a large database that i'm currently working on, i guess i'll have some feedback on this promising tool.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell when will be released new veriosn of SQL Developer ?

Best Regards

Sue said...

We are unable to give dates for the next release. Both SQL Developer 2.0 and SQL Developer Data Modeling are scheduled for 2009.


Anonymous said...

link to download SQK Developer Data Modeling is failing after answering questions.

Sue said...

There is no relationship between the feedback application and the download site, so the one can't affect the other. Try the download again. http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/sql/modelingdownload.html