07 August 2009

SQL Developer Data Modeler: Working with Domains

I hope you found the little demo about creating update scripts with the Data Modeler useful. Do you ever work with Domains? If this is a familiar topic for you, then here is a quick demo to show you how to work with domains in the Data Modeler. It does not tell you about why you'd use domains in great detail. I'm really trying to keep these demos to under 6 minutes. When I do the demos for OTN, I think I might even cut this in two. Anyhow, there is a quick demo on Domains:

Please note I added "Numeric" for one of the domains I added and should have entered the Precision and Scale. In this example, the DDL will only generate NUMBER, not NUMBER(8).

06 August 2009

Updating the Database Using Detail From your Data Model

One of the predominant questions that has come our of the forum is how to update the database with the changes you have made on your relational model in the Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. I have created this brief demonstration to illustrate what we have tried to explain on the forum.
If you roll your mouse over the screen of this demonstration you'll notice a icon to the bottom right-hand corner. This will allow you to watch the demo in full screen, which may be easier. The demo is 5mins 27.

04 August 2009

Listen to Customer feedback on the Data Modeler

Maggie Tompkins of the US Marine Corps, a long time member of ODTUG and well known advocate of Oracle Designer, has been speaking to Kimberly Billings, from Oracle, about her experiences with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. Maggie talks about they felt about the new product and how they were able to move their data models from Designer to the Data Modeler.
The MP3 is available to listen to, from the www.oracle.com/podcasts pages, or directly from here.