04 January 2012

Welcome to 2012! Is it Spring in the Air?

I'm not sure we've had a winter here, well in the south eastern reaches of the UK at least.  It's true that we're walking the dogs in the dark, which means it's winter, but my hands don't stick to the icy metal railings, instead we're walking in the dark to the tune of the dawn chorus!  Yesterday a severe storm wrenched trees from their roots and blew things about the garden, but we're still in double digit degrees (that's Celcius) and so definitely too mild to really be called winter; or am I finally getting used to the weather in the UK?

Still we're back and at 'em now I hope the break was good, restful and fun.  I'm back in London working with the team preparing for the launch of new software.  To that end I have done a mini series of videos on how to do a number of activities in Microgen DBClarity Developer. Instead of listing each video, I have created a YouTube playlist - the videos include "Creating Database Connection", "Adding files to Projects" and "Deploying Projects". 

Have fun!