29 April 2008

Oracle SQL Developer 1.5 is Production

You might be linked into the announcements RSS feed on the OTN forum and so will have received the alert from the SQL Developer team announcing that we have released SQL Developer 1.5.

The latest release of SQL Developer expands the file-based support by introducing tight integration with the CVS and Subversion version control systems. In addition to browsing and editing files in the file system, in this release you can now import files into your source control system, check them out, modify them, and commit the changed files back into the source control system.

SQL Developer 1.5 has two new navigators; a File Navigator, available on start up, and a Versioning Navigator. This latter is not opened by default, instead is accessed when needed using the View menu. Once you have created a connection to your version control system, you can use SQL Developer to import files and version files. SQL Developer tracks the history of a file and you can compare recent changes and accept or reject those changes. Once you have accepted changes and committed them back to the version control system, you can generate a patch, based on the differences.

SQL Developer 1.5 is more than version control. This is the release where we wanted to address as many of the community requests as we could. The snag with that is as soon as you respond to one request, a dozen more new ones pop up. We're no daunted by this, just accepted a long list of requests and if you look at the Exchange, you'll see that many made it into 1.5. Requests added include code insight, updated formatter and more connection options. For a full list of new features, you can review the New Feature list on OTN.

For all new supporting documents, please visit SQL Developer on OTN