28 February 2012

What do we mean by Graphical, Visual SQL?

I have written a few entries about Microgen DBClarity Developer, the new graphical SQL tool we've just launched and would love to hear what you think. Have you taken a look yet? Have you read some of the material and said, "I already have a SQL tool" and gone on to read another blog? What does drag-and-drop SQL code conjure up in your head?

Just today I was looking at this code:

I used another SQL tool too - I used Oracle SQL Developer to run my scripts and to populate and verify the data in the tables - why change old habits when they work well?! The fun thing is that I can use DBClarity Developer to produce that SQL by creating this diagram, using easy drag-and-drop...

When last did you write a more complex piece of SQL and scratch your head just a little to start with? How often do you execute the same piece of code? The graphical aspect of DBClarity Developer means that you don't need to worry about the code, the product does that. You build up the graphical flow and we create the code.  The good thing is that you don't need to decide on the database at the outset; you can use this same graphical representation to produce the SQL for Oracle, SQL Server or Teradata.  These graphical SQL rules are part of your project, so you can reuse them.

Visit the site today.  DBClarity Developer is production, why not download and try it out? 

13 February 2012

Microgen DBClarity Developer is now Production

I'm pleased to announce that Microgen DBClarity Developer is now production and available for download from the Microgen site, where you can also find an overview flyer and presentations, tutorials, short feature videos, and more.

For other news, read the following press release: Microgen releases DBClarity Developer.

You can also watch the full set of  videos on YouTube.

Have fun!  Let us know how it goes.  All contact details are shown on the website.