18 June 2010

A Focus on Unit Testing and new supporting material

SQL Developer's Unit Testing feature is doing well. Those who are using this new functionality in SQL Developer 2.1 are finding it very useful and are already asking for more functionality. (Isn't that the way, once you get to grips with a product you can start saying "wouldn't it be good if we could also...") so the SQL Developer Exchange is starting to build up a few requests.

Unit Test Online Demonstrations
For those of you not yet familiar with PL/SQL Unit Testing or have not yet quite got to grips with this feature, we have published a number of new short online demonstrations. You can find these from the Online Demonstrations link on our main page on OTN. All the unit test demonstrations are grouped together, so you can pick the one's you're interested in or watch them all.

Unit Test Webcast
If watching the online demos is not your thing, you can watch the 30 min webcast. The latest webcast was on Unit Testing, which has now been recorded and is available on OTN for you to watch and listen to. All our webcasts are on OTN on the Webcast Series.