30 October 2006

SQL Developer Exchange: Vote for Features, Log Requests

At conferences, we always get people who have never heard of our products, or have heard of them but don't really use them, or use them a daily. Then there is always a group that always 'just LOVES' them. This year, when asking around the responses almost all fell into the last two categories, many of whom had a list of feature requests, only to find their requests will be solved in 1.1. That's another story.
...BUT...BUT ...No-one seemed to have heard of this site: http://sqldeveloper.oracle.com
That site is SQL Developer Exchange!

Now you might have a few regular URLS at your fingertips... www.oracle.com, technet.oracle.com, or even google.com and asktom.oracle.com

From http://sqldeveloper.oracle.com you can add your own feature requests. Admittedly, for a while it was difficult to find out if something had already been requested, or to see if we had even looked at your requests. Now we have updated and tweaked the feature area a touch. The more we use it, then more we see there are more things we could do. However, you can now sort on last updated, date created and search. You can see if a feature has made it into 1.1 or is still on a list for a future release.
Please VOTE: If you see a feature you like or want, please select that feature and add a vote and a comment. If there is only one request and no further votes, then we might assume the community is not after such a feature.

Please keep adding requests. What more is there to say. Requests may be little or large, we'll update the site with feedback and, who knows, your request might make it into a release sooner than you think. If you don't tell us, we don't know.

The main page for http://sqldeveloper.oracle.com has a link to the forums and the main OTN page for SQL Developer. It allows you to see snippets other folk find useful and there are a few hints and tips too.

Make http://sqldeveloper.oracle.com work for you...


Anonymous said...

May I ask what exactly does it contain except two links to the home page and the forum? I've noticed nothing more than this plus links to your blogs (to be fair - some tips included, very useful, thanks)

Sue said...

You should see a Feature Requests node to the left and that's where folk are adding requests for future releases.


Anonymous said...

Can I still vote? I can't find it.

Sue said...

Sure you can still add and vote for features. On the left hand side of the Exchange (http://sqldeveloper.oracle.com/)
you'll see a link called Feature Requests. Click that and do a search for features you are hoping will be added and add a comment and a rating to vote for them.

If they are not there, you can add a new feature request yourself.