15 August 2006

Handling Snippets: Sneak Peak into 1.1

Here's another sneak peak into what's coming in SQL Developer 1.1.

In 1.0 you can add your own snippets. Kris gives some suggestions on his blog on how to go about it. There are a other notes about suggesting alternative approaches. We're not happy about some of these i.e. The suggestion to yank the XML file from the jar, update it with the snippet and replace the file in the jar. I have done it myself and it works and is easy. It's not recommended, because if you get into the habit of essentially hacking the jar files you can break stuff. Simpley out, editing the .jar files is not supported. Kris does give you a way to do it legally.

Anyway, to save all that hassle, we've given you a small menu and dialog

The menu shows the Add and Edit icons in the Snippet window. Below is the dialog for adding a new category and snippet.

So you can use the drop list and add a new snippet to any existing category, or you can create your own category by just typing it in.


Anil Kemisetti said...

Hi Sue,

I can't wait to download sql developer 1.1. When will it be available.


Sue said...

Hi Anil,

I can't be definite about dates, we're hoping within the next few months. Please read the Statement of Direction on OTN