06 August 2009

Updating the Database Using Detail From your Data Model

One of the predominant questions that has come our of the forum is how to update the database with the changes you have made on your relational model in the Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. I have created this brief demonstration to illustrate what we have tried to explain on the forum.
If you roll your mouse over the screen of this demonstration you'll notice a icon to the bottom right-hand corner. This will allow you to watch the demo in full screen, which may be easier. The demo is 5mins 27.


Rimas said...

Good demonstration - I have just thought about needs of discovering of this feature by myself and your demonstration saved my time! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

Maybe this is not the right place to post but since a week now I have been stuck on this one. My question is very simple. How do I create entity/table super types and it's sub types entity/table in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. I tried but can not find any commands/options for specialization/generalization in Oracle SQL data Modeler. It not supported?


Sue said...

The forum is the best place to ask and have questions answered, as it helps a wider audience. This has been addressed on the forum.


m@gl said...

Hi Sue,

I was trying to view your demo on how to update the DB after having made some changes to the model (some kind of 'send delta changes to the db').

Since I am new to Oracle and db modelling I would find a video demo really useful.

Unfortunately the video service hosting your demo has closed down and I am wondering whether you still have the original video or if by any chance you uploaded it on another site. Did you? (I am crossing fingers :-D )

Many thanks in advance.


Sue said...


There is a Demonstrations section under the "Learn More" section of our Data Modeler site. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/datamodeler/demonstrations-224554.html

Under that there is a short demo of the same information, called "Import DDL to Create a Relational Model (See the Merge Swap Dialog)" See if that helps.