04 October 2008

The Oracle SQL Developer SIG kicks off at Oracle OpenWorld

I have entered the first post on http://sqldevelopersig.blogspot.com/ "What? Another Blog and you don't update this one regularly!" I hear you say. Yes, you may be right, but the new blog is a shared community blog. Well that's the plan, and it was suggested at the first SIG meeting at the Unconference at OpenWorld in San Francisco. When many of the delegates were turning to airports or having a last day lie-in, a small group of enthusiast joined a few team members to discuss the possibility of have a SQL Developer SIG. All ideas raised were discussed and noted and you'll find those ideas, and some initial feedback on http://sqldevelopersig.blogspot.com

Take a look, we'd love you to get involved. The great thing about a community blog is that you can write up an idea when you want and do not need to feel committed to be a regular contributor. You can, of course add comments at any stage.

Aah, and the team members will continue to update their own blogs in much the same way as we have to date. When we get the time and have something we really want to tell you. Entries are mostly driven by the former, not the latter.

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