21 February 2008

SQL Developer EA2 is out now

Oracle SQL Developer1.5 Early Adopter's Release 2 (EA2) is out now. We made it available last night and already the forum is buzzing with EA2 feedback and the developers are focusing on the next phase.
Did you know you can build a gauge into a report or a data grid query in SQL Developer 1.5? Take a look at this quick demo. Below is a preview screen shot.


mettemusens said...

Hi !

Is there a place where you can see what SQL DEV extras you can specify in the SELECT statement (csv, seldev:gague, etc)?

best regards

Sue said...

We don't have a specific list.I'll see if we can sort out something like that. There are very few as most of the commands are just SQL, SQL*Plus and PL/SQL commands in the worksheet, as you'd expect in SQL*Plus.


mettemusens said...

Would be nice with a list, since most of us dont use sql*plus anymore, but toad or toad look alikes - and of course SQL Developer :-)


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to control the colours used for the sections of a guage provided by SQLDEV:GUAGE:min:max:low:hi - I really would like to be able to create a graduated scale from light blue (frosty) to amber progressing through to red.
No chance we can specify low color:med color:high color parameter details ?

Josir said...

Hi Sue, first of all congratulations for your blog. It is very helpful.

The gauges are great but how can I show them to my boss or to my customer ?

I tried to export as HTML but SQLDev assembles just SQLDEV:GAUGE string instead of the graphic.

Do you suggest any tip or tool to do that?

Josir Gomes

Sue said...


The Gauge is just that, a SQL String. We don't provide more functionality for these at this stage.

Why not have SQL Dev on a memory stick and take that to your customer? That way you can show more than just the gauge. Lots of our consultants use SQL Developer on a stick and don't worry with installing it on the machine.