24 October 2007

Browse Oracle APEX Applications Using SQL Developer

This is a quick alert that there is now a good article on the Integration of Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Oracle SQL Developer. You may already know that this feature was introduced with SQL Developer 1.2, but unless you had created an Oracle APEX connection you might not have realised the extent of the support that is available. The article provides an overview of all you can do:

"Using SQL Developer, you can perform the following functions:

  • Browse your Application Express Applications
  • Export and Import Applications
  • Drop Applications
  • Deploy Applications
  • Modify Applications
  • Export Pages
  • Tune your Queries
  • Included Application Express Reports
  • Custom Exception Reports"
Have a look. You can also find links to this article from the news section on the Oracle SQL Developer pages on OTN and it's listed with the other technical documents and white papers.


Matt said...

I've been trying to figure out HOW to hook my SQLDeveloper to my APEX but I can't find it listed anywhere in the docs or on OTN.

Any ideas?

Sue said...


You need to create a connection to the APEX schema, as such you need to know the database details and your user name and password access to the application express app. Also this is only available for APEX 3.01 and above, so for earlier releases, you won't see the APEX details.


Graham M said...

I reckon I already know the answer to this but do you know if it's possible to browse the hosted APEX workspaces @ http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex?

Sue said...

Hi Graham,

No, you can't. You need the connection details for the database doing the hoting, which you don't have access to.