05 April 2007

Conferences or not...

Looking at the next few months, it looks like April, May, June is conference season, and that's just the spring conference season. I remember when conference season was Feb, June and November, now it seems that conference season is pretty much all the time.

The first one you might be aware of is Collaborate. This is in Las Vegas, starting on the 15th April. It looks like there's a lot on, so if you're in the area, take a look at the agenda and get on down. Not one I can make, so report back if you get to go!

The next one was to be held here in Europe. The EOUC was to be held in Amsterdam in early May, but we have been told and have now seen the announcements that this event has been cancelled.

This means that you really have to look out for Oracle Develop! You may remember events similar to these in the past, when Oracle organized 2-day events in lots of cities around the world. These events are focused on developers and should give you the technical detail you are looking for in your subject area.
There will be hands on sessions and an opportunity to meet members from the development organization, depending on which city you go to. I'll be doing 2 SQL Developer papers in London, in June. See the agenda, get registered! See you there.


Thomas Presslie said...

It was a shame about the EOUC event, I was really looking forward to it. There's also the Miracle Scotland Database Forum 2007 at Edinburgh Castle from 29-31 May 2007 and there's still a few seats left.

MD said...

So 4500 miles are "a city close to you" :-)

Maybe it should say "a continent close to you". Yes, I'm just envious of those who can go to this. It looks like there will be many interesting sessions.

Will the US be treated to something similar?