02 March 2006

A New Beginning...

My current blog is down again and has been for a week. What with the spam and unreliability I decided to move. In fact my friends have been asking me to move - I think they're tired of hearing me mutter. Not that I am a regular blogger, but in this world of "instant gratification" I kinda like being able to update my site whenever I have a moment.

This is no reflection on my current Blog Host, who set me up and got me started. Like me, he is always travelling and so is equally frustrated when technology and local suppliers let him down.

Well, I've moved.

It's a regret that I may not be able to move past articles and have them archived here, but perhaps I'll find away. I'm not researching that today.

Now back to work.


Daniel Fink said...

Welcome, welcome.

Come on in to the blogger community. Relax, take your coat off, put your feet up. Can I get you a whiskey or perhaps a pint?

We are all hoping you find the time and method to retrieve your old postings.


Herod T said...

This blog looks great.